Stocks of Houses For Sale Guelph

As with everywhere else in Canada, houses for sale Guelph have seen a steady increase in sales over the last few weeks. In fact, over the entire month of July, Guelph saw a +3% increase over the same time last year. The City of Guelph has actually realized 5 straight weeks of increasing sales during the same time frame. Houses for sale in Guelph over the last two months have actually been at new levels experienced pre- COPID. It seems on the surface that, at least for now, houses for sale in Guelph are still recovering.

Are You Looking For Stocks of Houses For Sale?

But there are definitely some interesting trends that surface to reveal how dynamic this market really can be. While most of the Guelph houses for sale are still at relatively high asking prices, some of the newly built condo developments are really seeing an influx of new high-end buyers. This is especially true of the high-end executive condominiums, as well as mid-market homes that are generally priced in the mid-range to higher range. These higher end homes are selling for slightly lower than asking prices, which leads many of the newer Guelph condominium projects to be selling faster than ever before.

This information certainly shows that Guelph isn’t shutting its doors to high end buyers anytime soon. However, with Guelph having a fairly stable economy in terms of employment and population growth, it is no secret that people want to save money wherever they can. It would certainly make sense to purchase a house in Guelph even if you have to pay a little bit more than you would like. But for potential home buyers with good credit and steady employment, buying a house in Guelph may just be the ticket to owning your very own place.

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