Renting a Warehouse in Omaha, Nebraska

Several large call centers and telecommunications companies operate in warehouse Nebraska. The city’s central time zone, its easy-to-navigate layout and local speech patterns (which have been described as “pure American”) all contribute to the high quality of customer service here. A wide range of companies specializing in insurance, banking and other financial services are also located in the area.

Why do people move to Omaha?

The city’s economy is based in agriculture, telecommunications, banking and finance, insurance, food processing, distribution, transportation, health care, insurance and retail trade. The diversified economy also includes a significant manufacturing sector, led by food processors, machinery manufacturers, and producers of meat and grain products.

A large selection of warehouses and industrial properties are available for lease in the Omaha, NE market. The local inventory of warehouse space covers a wide range of activity types, work styles and business budgets. With a precise search, you can quickly locate warehouses for rent near you that are ideal for your operations.

Opus recently constructed a new warehouse and production facility in the Omaha suburb of Papillion for the East Omaha corrugated paper manufacturer Omaha Box Company. The single-story, 301,000 square foot facility was designed for growth and efficiency. It uses innovations like narrow aisle racking, bar code scanners and man-up pickers to streamline order fulfillment and keep inventories up to date without clerical intervention. Customers’ orders arrive via EDI and Internet, and inventory is turned over from the warehouse floor to customers in real-time.

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