OnePlus Watch Review – A Smartwatch For Tech-Chic Wearers

OnePlus’s take on a smartwatch has a sleek, polished look that’ll appeal to tech-chic wearers. Its circular design and two function buttons on the right side are similar to other top-tier wearables. But it’s the underlying technology that really sets it apart. The OnePlus Watch has robust Bluetooth connections, and it’s easy to set up and use.

It’s on a different platform from other Android smartwatches for one plus phone , so you won’t find third-party app support or additional watch faces like those found on the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch Series 4. But it does have plenty of fitness and tracking features to keep you active. There’s automatic heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and more than 100 indoor and outdoor sports modes to choose from.

The watch has a nice, crisp display with 326ppi pixel density. It makes text and icons look sharp and readable, and the OnePlus-branded AMOLED panel isn’t oversaturated or too bright. Its bit depth is a little low, though, which can lead to visible banding on certain watch faces with gradients.

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The OnePlus Watch is a good pick for people who want an attractive, affordable wearable with some basic health and tracking features. But if you’re looking for something with more advanced features, consider an Apple Watch Series 8 ($329 at Amazon) or an Amazfit Bip. They both trounce most competitors in terms of third-party apps, fitness tracking, and smart features.

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