New Home Builders, The Challenges Faced by the Design Center

New Home Builders, The Challenges Faced by the Design Center

There is something DCI | Design Charlotte NC Center wonderfully relaxing about going to a builders’ design center. Builders have established relationships over decades with their customers. When a customer buys a home from a builder, it is as though the builder has become an intimate part of that family’s lives. Families come to the centers for ideas, guidance and inspiration about how to design their new homes, and build them in a style that truly represents their individuality and lifestyle. Builders with design centers are also tapping the services of skilled interior designers, who usually consult with clients and assist them throughout the selection process, ensuring that they make the perfect house they desire… one that will stand the test of time and evolve along with the needs and tastes of the people who live in it. The end result is a truly one-of-a-kind residence that looks nothing like it was designed by an architect.


At a recent New Home Builders’ Design Center meeting, a group of agents from across the country sat at a long conference table to discuss their concerns regarding the current real estate market and how it is impacting the builders who are bringing new home designs to the public. It was a candid and illuminating discussion, which took place between representatives from some of the largest builders in the country, including Michael Kors, Related Companies, Architecture Equations and Brownie Companies. The speakers included some of the best design experts in the industry, who provided their insights and recommendations on the state of the industry and offered their recommendations for agents looking to expand their current portfolio or find a new home design center to assist them in finding a new home. While the agents discussed current trends and the challenges builders face, there was one common theme that pervaded the conversation: that current builders need help to make their designs come to life.


“What’s the problem? They don’t understand where to start, what’s missing in the design. We need help!” said one agent, pointing to a few of the challenges that many builders have when it comes to getting a design designed and produced. One of the challenges that agents were able to agree upon was that many new home builders simply do not have a designer on board; they do not understand the process and what is required to make a design come to life.

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