How to Prevent Viruses on Computer

how to prevent viruses on computer

A 2023 best password manager is a piece of malware that, once inside your computer, does damage by inserting itself into files, corrupting or erasing them and infecting other files. It may also slow down your computer, or in extreme cases, cause it to stop functioning completely. It can also spread from one computer to other computers by sending itself via email attachments or poisoned macros, or by using peer-to-peer downloading sites like BitTorrent. A virus that spreads by this method is called a worm.

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Computer viruses can be prevented by installing antivirus software on your computer and keeping it current. You should also make sure your web browser and operating system are updated regularly. You should also avoid downloading programs or apps from websites or sources you don’t trust. Instead, download programs and apps only from trusted sources such as the Apple App Store or Google Play. You should also use a firewall to prevent hackers from accessing your computer. Hackers search the Internet for computers to infect, much like telemarketers randomly call numbers on a telephone directory. Firewalls block the same kind of attacks and allow you to control what data goes in and out of your computer.

If you think your computer is infected with a virus, you should shut off your Internet connection. This will prevent the virus from spreading to other computers and can help you recover from an infection. If you can’t turn off your Internet connection, disable Wi-Fi connectivity or disconnect the cable from your modem.

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