How to Make a Dental Flipper at Home

Whether you’re missing a tooth or a few teeth that aren’t adjacent to each other, a dental flipper can be an excellent temporary solution. They’re often used by children and adults until they are ready to get a more permanent tooth replacement, such as a bridge or implant.

What is the cheapest way to replace a missing tooth dentures?

Easy to fabricate and create by your dentures at home– They’re less time consuming than making a permanent partial denture and you can usually have them made in a day or two! They look natural and fit in the gap created by missing teeth, stabilizing your existing teeth till you get a permanent tooth replacement.

Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to wear – You can wear a flipper with confidence, as they’re soft and comfortable to wear. They also allow you to chew food more easily, which can help with avoiding gum disease and tooth decay.

Removable and can be taken out for cleaning & at night

A flipper can be removed at any time and is made from soft and flexible materials that are very easy to clean. It can be brushed with a denture brush, and you can also soak it in a denture cleaning soak.

It is important to not move the flipper around with your tongue, as this can loosen it. If you do, this could cause it to pop out of place and damage your other teeth or gums.

Breakage is a common problem with flippers, so they should be treated and mended by your dentist or dental lab regularly. This could require you to go without your flipper for a day or more while it’s being fixed.

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