Gaming – A Platform for Sharing Personal Information and Social Media Connections

Online gaming is one of the fastest growing entertainment industries. The number of active gamers has increased exponentially in the past ten years, and it is only increasing. An online game is basically a video game which either is mainly or partially played via the Internet or another computer network. The online gaming industry is worth billions of dollars every year. The popularity of online games is increasing because many people are discovering the benefits of playing video games while working at home, as well as the entertainment value they provide.

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Gaming – A Platform for Sharing Personal Information and Social Media Connection


Online gaming takes away many of the frustrations and hazards that are common in the real world. For example, it allows players to be more aware of their surroundings at all times and to interact with other gamers around the world. Most online gaming platforms have built in safety settings which allow players to connect and play safely while maintaining the integrity of the game. Safety settings also generally block out unwanted website traffic, which can cause disruptions to normal Internet usage.


In addition to the advantages mentioned above, online gaming also provides a way for gamers to use their social media interactivity to connect with others who are located far away but not too far. Social media websites such as Facebook allow users to post information about what they are doing on their personal pages, as well as on their business pages. By interacting with friends and family on these social media websites, online gamers are able to gain access to valuable information that would otherwise be unavailable to them. Therefore, while playing an online gaming platform, a person is able to share his or her personal information with people he or she may not otherwise be able to.

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