Lighting Up Your Mobile Stage

Posted on December 20, 2020Categories Staging   Leave a comment on Lighting Up Your Mobile Stage

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We have all seen the famous Sugarland concert meltdown back in 2020 in the Sugarland music festival in Indiana. But since then, mobile stage scaffolding has grown exponentially in popularity, especially in cities, towns, and even fire stations. They may be used for everything from temporary stage lighting to scaffolding for a massive scaffold tower during a fire. Mobile scaffolds come in many different sizes as well as various uses that you may use them for.


Scaffolding for events such as concerts and festivals usually consists of platforms that are set on the ground, elevated by a series of led light panels and covered with fabric to make them easy to move around and set up. In order to set up a mobile stage such as this one, an experienced professional stage lighting designer is usually needed. This can be accomplished through a local mobile stage hire company or by contacting the manufacturer of your chosen mobile stage to discuss what they would recommend for use in your situation. Usually the designer will provide a cost estimate for everything involved, and if you are interested, you can work together to decide exactly what you need to set it up, including the type of light used, the height from which it is mounted, and whether or not you would prefer the lights to be continuous or changeable.


Lighting mobile stage such as this one also has many other uses besides just providing stage lighting. Many companies are starting to use mobile stages for purposes such as rock concerts, comedy shows, weddings, and more. When choosing your mobile stage company, make sure that they offer all the services that you will need both during and after the show as well as tips for event safety. There are also many options available for accessories such as LED lighting panels and ballasts, so you should spend some time researching your options before making a final decision on what company to use.