Boric Acid For Vaginal Odor

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Boric acid (hydrogen borate) is a safe, natural treatment for vaginal boric acid | GetFlowerPower odor. The odorless, natural acid is found in small amounts in the body and has mild antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis are the most common conditions associated with vaginal odor. Infections can lead to symptoms like itchiness, redness, and discharge.

If you’re a woman suffering from yeast infection, you can get relief with boric acid suppositories or over-the-counter medications like miconazole and fluconazole. These medications should clear the infection within 1 to 2 weeks of treatment.

BV Treatment with Vaginal Suppositories: Exploring the Benefits and Risks

However, if you’re dealing with a more stubborn form of yeast infection, you may need to consider other options, such as an oral antifungal. These prescription medications are usually more effective against azole-resistant strains of yeast, and may require a doctor’s prescription.

Some over-the-counter suppositories contain boric acid to help treat a vaginal yeast infection. These suppositories can help to kill yeast and reduce odor.

Using boric acid to combat vaginal odor is a common practice that has long been used by women. The odorless, natural acid can provide temporary relief from vaginal itching and discharge and helps to restore the healthy vaginal flora that can be disrupted by BV.

The odorless acid also can be a quick and effective treatment for fishy odors that are caused by overgrowth of bad bacteria in the vaginal area. This is due to sexual intercourse, douching, improperly sanitized tampons and inserting items into the vagina that are not sanitized properly.