Nova Drug Rehab

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nova drug rehab

If you’re trying to get rid of drugs or alcohol, you might want to consider a Nova drug rehab. The long-term treatment at Nova drug rehabs has a higher success rate than the short-term program, which only lasts thirty days. The problem with short-term rehabs is that they don’t address the physical challenges that heroin users face. People with serious drug problems usually experience intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms for a week or more.

Nova Drug Rehab Can Help You Overcome Your Addiction

A Nova drug rehab can help you overcome your addiction and learn to cope with stress. You can also make healthy life choices and manage your environment and lifestyle. Afterward, you’ll have the tools to stay drug-free. It’s important to seek treatment for drug addiction as early as possible. It may be necessary to work with a medical insurance company to cover the cost of drug rehab.

A residential program at Nova offers a supportive and nurturing environment. During the eight-week treatment program, women are supported in exploring their lives and making positive changes in their lives. The program focuses on self-discovery and helping patients develop skills to improve their relationships and prevent relapse. The program also offers trauma-informed care services and coping skills groups to help the patients process the past and move forward.

While detoxification alone is helpful for the short-term, it doesn’t address the root causes of addiction. Long-term treatment programs at Nova include therapy that targets these underlying issues.