What To Look For In Affordable Bathroom Renovations

bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovations are one of the most expensive remodeling projects for homeowners, but it does not have to be that expensive if you plan properly. You can do a lot of affordable remodeling and still get a great-looking bathroom without breaking the bank. By following some simple guidelines, you will be able to do a better job of remodeling your bathroom without spending a lot of money. On average, homeowners spend over $20,000 per year on a bathroom renovation project, so nearly three-quarters of your annual budget is spent on a bathroom renovation. In resale, average renovations recover 67.2%, while more luxurious renovations recover 60.2%, leaving you with plenty of room to save money.

How To Do In Affordable Bathroom Renovations

The first thing you want to look for in a bathroom renovation is how well the contractors do at putting together the individual elements. For instance, you should make sure that the tile used is grout-sealed and sealed. Grout-sealed tiles will last longer, and the contractor should use a sealer on the floor as well. Your next consideration should be towel bars and towel rod holders. If you can buy the same type of towels and bar holders at your local home supply store, it is much cheaper than hiring a seamstress to complete your bathroom renovation.

The next thing you want to look for when searching for affordable bathroom renovations is whether or not the contractors use high-end products or materials. Some homeowners want everything new in their bathrooms, but this can be a very expensive proposition. Be sure to check for high-end products in the showroom. Also, be sure to ask about the cost of labor. While using the latest technology to save money on labor can reduce the total cost of your project by a large amount, most labor is still included in the final price. Many contractors quote labor as part of the final price of the job, which can tack on an unnecessary amount of expense.

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