The Benefits of a Metal Garden Edging System

When properly installed, a line of sharp-looking landscape edging defines where your lawn and gardens meet. It also makes it easier to keep grass clippings, weeds and mulch out of flower beds and other landscaping elements. Formboss’s steel edging just looks more elegant and are resistant to tarnish.

Is steel edging expensive?

Whether your garden consists of hardscaping elements like pavers and stone or softscaping elements including gravel and mulch, there is a landscape edging material that fits the look you want to achieve. The most popular choice is steel edging because it is durable, strong, easy to install and resists corrosion and weathering. It can be set flush with lawns and paths or elevated to create raised planting areas. It can be shaped on-site or pre-formed during manufacture to follow curves and contours, yet it maintains strength and rigidity when installed. Connections between lengths of edging are hidden to guarantee seamless joints without ugly overlaps.

Metal edging is also very attractive and can be painted to suit your garden. But be careful about using metallic edging near children’s play areas because the sharp, vertical edge of metal can injure kids and pets. In fact, an article in the February 2001 issue of “Pediatric Emergency Care” noted that metal lawn edging caused extensive wounds to feet and hands of patients under 18. The best solution for this problem is to use landscape edging materials that bend in the vertical plane and can be rounded over a curb or tree root without damaging plants.

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