THC Strawberries Flavor Lean

The THC Strawberries Flavor Lean is a cannabis infused syrup drink. It is consumed in liquid form and is absorbed into the mouth and intestines, where it is further broken down to give the user the desired effect. People have reported feeling the effects of THC within 45 minutes of drinking it.

THC syrup: What is it and what can you use it for?

The Thc Lean syrup is 1000 to 3000 mg pure THC and contains quality grade cannabis extracts. It is a convenient, sugar-free way to consume THC and is often mixed with a favorite soda. Although it may take up to an hour for the THC to start working, most patients report a feeling of relaxation and sleepiness after drinking it.

The THC Lean is a new product. It combines all of the benefits of cannabis without the harmful side effects of codeine. It has a very high concentration of THC and can be easily diluted in water. It also mixes well in beverages, and does not have clumps floating around. It also has fruit flavorings and tastes great in your favorite beverages.

This cannabis syrup is typically golden in colour with a rich texture. It contains a variety of aromatic ingredients and can deliver the same effects as regular edibles. In addition, it is easier to digest than a normal edible.

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