Podiatry in Hurlstone Park

Podiatry Hurlstone Park is a specialized area in the city of Urbana, Illinois. Located within the boundaries of the Humboldt County Courthouse in Urbana, Podiatry provides a range of services to both patients and individuals who are interested in obtaining a hand from orthopedic and sports medicine practices. The practice works as an institution devoted solely to the care and treatment of foot conditions and diseases. Podiatry also offers courses in both general and regional feet. Many podiatry doctors are also trained to provide additional health services such as podiatry and sports medicine. Some practitioners also work as podiatrists or athletic trainers.


Podiatry at Hurlstone Park has many other services as well. Podiatrists can perform exams, help diagnose certain conditions, and prescribe treatment options depending on what ails the patient. They can also perform surgical procedures and provide guidance in other medical areas such as gynecological exams and reproductive advice. Most practitioners also offer general pedagogical advice and education about proper foot and ankle care.


There are over 60 podiatry clinics in the greater Chicago area according to the American Association of Podiatric Medicine. Podiatry at Hurlstone Park serves patients who need both routine care and specific treatments for various foot conditions. There is also a full service spa located within the park’s outpatient clinic that specializes in foot and ankle care. One can enjoy a full range of services including consultations, x-rays, exams, and treatment during a stay at the podiatry center.

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