Down Pillow – The Best Alternative Pillow

Down pillow is one of the best sleeping products nowadays that can provide comfort, support and maximum support for your head, neck and lower back. Most down pillows today are made from synthetic fibers. These pillows cannot be used for children younger than three years old because the softness can cause suffocation. Densit and down pillow made from goose down are ideal for older kids and babies. Unlike traditional pillows stuffed with synthetic fiber, down pillows is capable to change its shape and density to adapt to the users’ body weight. Find out –

Down Pillow – The Best Alternative Pillow

Down feather pillows typically have higher fill power compared to other down pillow types. The feather pillow fill power is measured by the cubic feet of filled pillow which is equivalent to the weight of an average sized adult. The higher the fill power of the down feather pillow, the more soft it can make the user because it can hold more air. The greater the fill power, the lesser the chances that the user will sink into the pillow.

Aside from filling power, the quality of down pillow also matters. Most allergy sufferers avoid using synthetic pillows because they cause dust mite and other allergies. However, some allergy suffers are turning to natural alternatives like down alternative pillows. Natural alternatives may not cause allergies but may still irritate the skin if used heavily. Natural pillows may not last as long as the traditional down pillows but they do provide adequate comfort and support.

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