Custom Face Mask Embroidery

Custom face mask embroidery is a relatively new method of body adornment used by many people in recent times. Face paint and body art have been popular for many years, but now the craze is turning to facial hair, which is easier to do and much more noticeable than body art. Although these methods may not be for everyone, if you are interested in getting a unique look, you might as well consider a custom face mask embroidery job. The process involves creating a design on your own face or of your body, then having an experienced artist transfer it over to a piece of cloth.



This type of custom face mask embroidery service uses some of the most advanced computer-aided design (CAD) technology to create the design you see in a three dimensional virtual image file. You will then be able to choose the colors for your custom face mask embroidery, and select the thread that best complements your skin tone and hair color. After the file is completed, you and the artist will discuss how best to proceed, and the artist will use the CAD software to create your custom design.


The benefits of face paint and body art are obvious, but the technology used for face mask embroidery is fairly new. The results are high quality work that can really make a difference to your appearance. It is an emerging trend that is sure to catch on.

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