Childrens Dentist Colorado Springs

The best childrens dentist colorado springs can help your child develop & maintain healthy teeth at a young age. They can also prevent dental issues that may arise in later life such as tooth decay & cavities. This is accomplished by regular checkups & cleanings as well as teaching good oral hygiene habits. They can also apply fluoride treatments & sealants to protect the teeth from bacteria & plaque. In addition, they can help parents with thumb sucking & pacifier cessation & advise on diet & nutrition.

What does a dentist do for children?

In the event of a dental emergency, a pediatric dentist is trained to assess & treat the problem immediately. Only severe toothaches with swelling & bleeding, or physical trauma to the face or teeth are considered dental emergencies & should be seen right away.

In addition to treating toothaches, pediatric dentists can also assist with orthodontic solutions such as braces & Invisalign. They can also diagnose & address dental problems such as malocclusion (bad bite), bruxism (teeth grinding), & space maintainers. They are experienced in providing sedation for anxious patients, if needed. They are also trained to perform routine oral surgeries such as removing baby teeth & extracting impacted wisdom teeth. They can also provide x-rays, fluoride treatments, & mouth guards.

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