Empathic Parenting Guide: Recognizing Co-Parent Harassment

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Empathy-building activities are great, Empathic Parenting Guide: Recognizing Co-Parent Harassment cross the line into harassment. That’s when it’s time to seek help. Fortunately, there are many options available. Effective communication, establishing clear boundaries, seeking professional guidance, and legal intervention when necessary can all reduce the impact of non-custodial parent harassment and promote healthy co-parenting.

Harassment includes any action intended to scare, intimidate, or control the other party. It can take many forms, from making demeaning comments in front of the child, to sending threatening text messages or emails, to even physical violence. Any behavior that interferes with custody or visitation arrangements is also considered harassment.

Empathic Parenting Guide: Recognizing the Signs of Co-Parent Harassment

One of the most difficult forms of harassment to recognize is humiliation. Your co-parent may publicly shame you through social media, spreading rumors or posting false information about you to destroy your reputation. This is a form of emotional abuse that can be extremely damaging.

Physical violence is another form of harassment that should never be tolerated. Hitting, slamming doors, punching, pinching, or any other physical contact that causes you pain is considered assault and is a crime. It is important to document any incidents of harassment, including a detailed description and the names of witnesses. Also, be sure to save any related emails or other digital communications for use in the future. This information can help you defend your rights in court if necessary. In addition, seeking the assistance of a family law attorney may be advisable to guide you on legally enforcing your boundaries.