Percussion Massage Guns

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Percussion massage guns use a combination of vibration and pulsations to stimulate sensory organs embedded in muscle fibers. These organs communicate with the nervous system about tension, tightness, and stretch in a muscle and trigger a reflexive inhibition of that muscle from its brain control side. That’s why many people with chronic back pain report dramatic relief with a few minutes of percussion massage.

In addition, the afferent stimulation from massage gun therapy may increase blood circulation to that muscle. That improved blood flow provides needed nutrients and oxygen to the area, which can facilitate tissue repair and support normal muscle function.

Unlocking the Power of Percussive Therapy: A Comprehensive Guide to Massage Guns

The best percussion massage guns offer a variety of speed and pressure settings to customize the treatment for your muscles. A good percussion massage gun also typically offers multiple attachment heads to work on different areas of the body, including hard-to-reach spots.

Most percussion massage guns are made of high-grade plastic, and many have premium design elements like rubberized grips at the handle. The more expensive options, such as the Theragun Pro and Hypervolt 2 models, also feature metal components in the motorized parts of the device to provide durability and longevity.

For those looking for a budget-friendly option, the TOLOCO EM26 is a top choice. It retails for about half the price of models from Theragun and Hypervolt while offering competitive power and a suite of features. It even has a USB-C charging port and an auto shut-off feature to preserve battery life.